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Progressbar Usage


A progress bar is a graphical element usually used in computer programs or web applications. It is used to visually show the progress of a process to the user. For example, it can be used for downloading or uploading files, or for any prolonged action that takes place during a process. Progress bar is usually shown in the form of a line or bar and based on a percentage so that the user can see how much of the process has been completed. Such indicators give the user an idea of how long the transaction will take, while also providing visual feedback during the transaction.



This is the code related to displaying the progress bar on the screen.

ProgressBarSet("ProgressBar1" ,"Visible" ,"True" );


Sets the progress bar value.

ProgressBarSet("ProgressBar1" ,"Value" , "45");
// set the progressbar value to 45.

It takes char array as parameter. So for a changing value, if it is an integer, it must be converted to char array. This conversion is done as follows.

char data[20];

sprintf(data,"%d",25);// 25 converts an integer value to a String.

ProgressBarSet("ProgressBar1" ,"Value" , data);


Hides the progress bar value.

ProgressBarSet("ProgressBar1" ,"Visible" ,"False" );

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